Our Living History Tour

A City Set Upon Three Hills:
Colonial Boston through the Eyes of John Eliot, Puritan Preacher

IMG_0054Known to history as the “Apostle to the Indians”, 17th century Puritan minister John Eliot is most famous for publishing the first Bible in the New World which was not even in English! It was a translation of the Scripture into the language of the native Massachusett people which he helped greatly to produce.

As a great missionary of early Boston and Roxbury, Eliot is the perfect tour guide to introduce the visitor downtown to all the sites and sounds of Boston as it was almost 400 years ago. A costumed re-enactor carries on a constant dialogue of comparison between the 21st and the 17th centuries.

Rates & Hours: $10 per person. Children 12 years and under are FREE. Hours are arranged by appointment.

Meeting Place: 139 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02111 (Boston Commons Visitor Center)

Contact:  For further details or to book the tour contact Aaron: friarfree [at] gmail [dot] com  or 315-975-2758 (cell).

7 thoughts on “Our Living History Tour”

  1. daniela cojocaru said:

    My daughter wanted a tour of Boston for her 9th birthday. I wrote Mr. Aaron Friar, the guide who offers the tour and when he offered the faith-based tour my daughter was so happy: “But that’s how it all started and I am excited to have John Elliot as a tour guide. It can’t be better!” And so it was.

    After the tour, we adults agreed how much we needed this history lesson. The guide has such a great way of delivering it and constructing the bigger picture of the historical times and places to reach everyone.

    The group that took the tour was of mixed ages: from 2 years old to grandmothers and there was something for everybody: colonial toys for my 2 year old and the little ones. The guide’s interaction with the older kids was lively, unrolling the history of faith that shaped and shapes these places. It was very much appreciated by the kids and adults alike. My daughter wanted a tour that makes places alive and this really was it.

    The Jacob’s ladder, a colonial toy circulated during the tour, is played with again and again, and my 2 years old hardly gave up his puritan hat after 2 days.

    I think it is a very good tour for school groups, for adult groups, and for mixed ages groups. Also, it is a great tour to have with friends who come to visit Boston. It’s one of the best ways to introduce them to the spiritual Boston of the past and of today as it really was and is: a faith-based place.

    • I am so happy, Daniela, that I was able to have something that appeals to everyone. That is a particular challenge for groups like yours, and I am happy to hear that we succeeded.

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