Opening Tour this Spring

Met some new friends downtown right after our Patriot’s Day and Marathon Monday here in Boston. One of my guests was even a runner in the Boston Marathon! Would love to meet others coming to our great city to describe the story of faith and freedom in this land of the free and home of the brave. Give me a call or text at 315-975-2758, and book your tour today!


And We’re Back…

Just want everyone in the world to know that Boston Pilgrim Tours is back in action! Starting sometime in mid-June, our family is moving back to the great city of Boston. Which means that just in time for our 5 year anniversary on June 30, 2018, we will be  again offering faith-based tours of Boston. So sign up now for what will be our grand RE-opening in June.

Our Farewell Tour




St. Botolph of Boston icon written by Zoya Shcheglov Photo by Peter VanDemark

June 13/30, Feast of St. Botolph (Old Style)
Abbot and Confessor, of Ikanhoe, England (+680)
Patron saint of all Travelers,
Boston, England (founded 654)
Boston, Massachusetts (founded 1630)
and Patron of Botolph’s Town Tours (founded 2013), Later Renamed Boston Pilgrim Tours

Greetings everyone on this 4th anniversary of our tour company. We have had a great fours years together seeing downtown Boston through the eyes of faith. It is with heavy heart that I announce the temporary suspension of our little fledgling company as its only guide and director (me) is moving with my family to upstate New York, land of the Second Great Awakening and the Burned Over District. Continue reading

Faith of My Fathers

So pleased to remember at the end of this month the conclusion of my own parents’ celebration of 50 years of marriage. As part of this year-long celebration, I took them on our Faith-based Freedom Trail tour last fall (see pictures below). Many years to them and to all parents who are embedding faith in the next generation of citizens for this great Land of the Free!

Downtown With John Eliot



Great weather and lots of interest in John Eliot brought the girls and I downtown for a tour with a group that consisted of actors from Song on the Wind, an original musical about the life of John Eliot. A good time was had by all as we testified to Boston’s almost 400 year old heritage and helped many passers-by overcome modern New England’s faith-a-phobia.

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