Faith-Based Freedom Trail Tour

Boston TrinityAs the oldest and most European city in America, Boston can boast of the most diverse and revolutionary religious landscape. Yet so many architectural and historical tours fall short in telling the story of the diverse faith of this city’s almost 400 year existence.

Boston’s Faith-Based Freedom Trail takes the pilgrim inside the key Houses of Worship in the chronological order of their development and significance. Participant pilgrims will learn the key doctrinal points and relationships among the many faiths that have made up Boston over the centuries and come away hopefully with a deeper understanding of their own faith or decision not to believe.

Rates & Hours: $10 per person. Children 12 years and under are FREE. Hours are arranged by appointment.

Meeting Place: 148 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02111 (Boston Commons Visitor Center)

Contact:  For further details or to book the tour contact Aaron:      friarfree [at] gmail [dot] com  or 315-975-2758 (cell).

What Others Have Said About the Tour:

GREAT way to see Boston! by Barbi S.

We had a FABULOUS time with Aaron touring Boston – truly a day none of us will forget! From sharing tales at the Old North Church to teaching my kids catchy sea shanties and unknown tidbits while touring the USS Constitution (possibly not on this present tour), Aaron made history come alive! I highly recommend you choose this opportunity to see Boston with someone who knows her diverse heritage and understand the people, places and events which helped shape the city’s history, as well as our country. You will not be disappointed!

Great Experience! by Joel S.

I got to go along with Aaron a few years ago, his knowledge of Boston’s history and geography is extensive. I greatly enjoyed following along and learning from him. It’s a great experience!

You owe yourself this treat – great tour by frank s.

They say you cannot come to Boston and not travel the freedom trail. The question is, “How can you come to Boston and not travel the Religious Heritage Tour?” With out this quest for religious freedom there would be no freedom trail. Aaron makes this come to life offering insights that are profound, colorful and insightful. You owe your self this treat. We enjoyed this time and journey immensely. jayne & frank

Best tour and service ,recommendation from Ofelija I.

I am writing this review to let everyone know how much we enjoyed the warm, welcoming, and informative service of Aaron our tour host and guide during our day in Boston. We told him that we are have limited time and want to se as much of the city as possible. He did an amazing job with the tour making sure to show us all the best of the city. We look forward to our return visit to Boston. Because of the outstanding, professional service I am pleased to highly recommend his services!

Personal recommendation from Alex M.

Highly recommend Aaron as a tour guide. He is a gifted story teller with a wealth of knowledge to draw from. Whether you are interested in theological subtleties of teachings of churches that you will be visiting or in getting best pastries in the neighborhood in the course of your tour — you’ll appreciate Aaron’s help in either case. Incidentally, if it so happened that you never really got excited by history while listening to teachers of this subject (or if you did and want to re-live that experience again) — go to Boston, meet Aaron and you will.

Personal recommendation from Anna F.

When I first met Aaron, he showed me around Boston. His knowledge of the city and inspirational talks eventually led to us getting married! I highly recommend his ability to tell a good story and acquaint listeners with the religious history of Boston.

Personal recommendation from Bill H.

Aaron is an extremely talented host. He has lived and worked in Boston for many years. He has a deep appreciation for languages and history. You cannot hire a better host for your tour of Boston!

Personal recommendation from Paula T.

I’ve know Aaron since he moved to Boston from the mid west. His enthusiasm for history is very inspiring. He is so knowledgeable and can make dry historical information palatable to anyone. Also, he can be either very family-friendly or can do more academically-oriented tours. I always recommend him whenever someone new comes into town and wants to tour. 

Personal recommendation from Ivan B.

Aaron is a great speaker and teacher. He makes complex subject matter interesting and understandable. A tour with him is like walking among the masters. He knows his material and has done his homework. Very open to questions. You’ll have a great time with him!!! Well worth the time.

9 thoughts on “Faith-Based Freedom Trail Tour”

  1. Karen Zukas said:

    Aaron, this is an incredibly unique and fantastic idea. Can you tell me more about the nuts and bolts part. what sort of vehicle is the tour given in? A double decker, a car, a helicopter? I’m going to definitely sign up as soon as possible. What are the hours of the tour? i see it says per hour, but is that 24/7? am i missing something, is that information somewhere and i just can ‘t find it? Karen

    • Karen,

      Thanks for the enthusiasm. Hours are basically whenever I am free. In the summertime, that usually means anytime on Mondays and Fridays, but I have other mornings and evenings available. Just send me an email, and we can arrange something. The standard tour is a walking tour, but I can accommodate up to six people by car if that is desired, but the tour is designed to be on foot, and much more can be seen that way.

  2. I would love to take your tour sometime Aaron.

    Deacon Jeff Smith

  3. How long is the tour about?

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