St. Botolph of Boston icon written by Zoya Shcheglov Photo by Peter VanDemark

St. Botolph of Boston Icon at Holy Epiphany Church, Roslindale by the hand of Zoya Shcheglov, Photo by Peter VanDemark

Now that the company is over a month old and I have run the flagship tour (Boston’s Religious Freedom Trail) a dozen times, I am busy expanding our repertoire with many other types of faith-based options. The one I am most excited about currently is in honor of the heavenly patron of our company, St. Botolph of Boston. You may remember that I linked to a short sketch of his life for the very first post on the blog.

The Botolph of Boston Tour will be a day-long driving tour around the metro Boston area highlighting various places where the saint has made his presence known. I am greatly indebted to an old Roman Catholic reporter’s book entitled Botolph of Boston. In it, the author identifies many such places in Boston, MA with black and white photographs that I am attempting to capture all in full color images.

I have begun to collect my own pictures to advertise the tour which I share with you below in a short slide show as a kind of sneak peak into the future tour. Continue to watch this blog for the formal announcement of the Botolph of Boston Tour, brought to you by Boston Pilgrim Tours!

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