Faith of My Fathers

So pleased to remember at the end of this month the conclusion of my own parents’ celebration of 50 years of marriage. As part of this year-long celebration, I took them on our Faith-based Freedom Trail tour last fall (see pictures below). Many years to them and to all parents who are embedding faith in the next generation of citizens for this great Land of the Free!

Downtown With John Eliot



Great weather and lots of interest in John Eliot brought the girls and I downtown for a tour with a group that consisted of actors from Song on the Wind, an original musical about the life of John Eliot. A good time was had by all as we testified to Boston’s almost 400 year old heritage and helped many passers-by overcome modern New England’s faith-a-phobia.

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Happy Birthday, Boston Pilgrim


June 13/30, Feast of St. Botolph (Old Style)
Abbot and Confessor, of Ikanhoe, England (+680)
Patron saint of all Travelers,
Boston, England (founded 654)
Boston, Massachusetts (founded 1630)
and Patron of Botolph’s Town Tours (founded 2013)

Only two years ago today did we begin this effort that has become (to my knowledge) Boston’s ONLY faith-based tour company. And now two years later, we are still offering the kinds of tours that people of faith look for when they come to a historic city like our fair Boston. So book a tour today! You won’t be sorry that you did.

And watch this summer for the unveiling of our new living history tour. Last summer, John Eliot in the seventeenth century. This summer… someone from the eighteenth century who was famous for preaching on the Boston Common long before Billy Graham ever thought of it. Who could it be?

All-Weather Tours


Gave my first tour of the 2015-2016 season today in not so favorable conditions. Proof positive that hearty American families still exist who are willing to brave the elements to learn the story of our religious liberty and freedom. Snapped this picture at a graveyard not often visited on our tours, but heavily frequented by the actors portraying the time of the American Revolution, the Granary Burying Ground.


Orthodox Christian Worship in Five Senses

For my readers here, I am speaking at this upcoming conference. Would love to see you there…

Like Mendicant Monks...

Wanted to tell you about a talk and worship service demonstration I am giving at the end of this month. Would be delighted if some of you local to Boston could make it. See information below and on the attached flier.

“Orthodox Christian Worship in Five Senses”

Come take a tour of the sensory-rich Eastern Orthodox worship service that enlightens the mind through the heart. Engage with a 2000 year-old Christian tradition that has been called America’s best kept secret.

Aaron W. Friar
Associate, Institute for Christian Unity M.Div.,
Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

Friday, March 27, 7:00pm
Refreshments: 6:30pm, WEE Forum: 7:00pm
Fellowship Church, 47 Milton Street, Dedham, MA 02026


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Birthday Party History Tour



So honored this past fall to host a family whose little girl especially desired a history tour of downtown Boston. One of my best crowds ever, we had participants as young as four and as old as 70. Make it your New Year’s resolution to book a tour for your next Birthday party. Look in the comments section of the tour to see what the mother had to say about the experience. Happy New Year, everyone!