100_0391Went for the first time this morning with my two oldest to the fourth of July ceremony and parade downtown Boston. I cannot believe this is the first time I have ever done this. Usually, we are abroad at this time in Russia (last year, we actually arrived in Russia on this great American holiday).

Hearing the many gun salutes sounding today in honor of American independence, I was reminded of the difference between distressing explosions and happy ones. These, of course, were planned in honor of the occasion. Very much unlike the distressing and harmful explosions of the Boston Marathon bombing.

We are grateful to Almighty God for every day of his protection over our fair city and pray this day that happy guns may continue to sound not just on these shores, but everywhere in the world that benefits from America’s stand for all freedoms, both political and religious.

Here is the reading of Declaration of Independence from the Old States House in Boston this morning: