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IMG_0055Did the Faith-based Freedom Trail today with a brand new look. Dropped the wig because Puritans overall hate long hair. Still puzzled as to why Eliot appears in all pictures with long hair. It is definitely not a wig, as he is on record as hating those. My theory is that his long, natural reddish brown hair is in solidarity with the native peoples of Massachusetts. At any rate, my costume is more general 17th century Pilgrim/Puritan. It came off well to be wearing a uniform, even when I was not portraying Eliot. I’ll definitely do it again.

My lovely assistants are also developing their roles. When children accompany the tour, they are charged with engaging the guests by playing 17th century games. When it is all adult, as it was today, they go into marketing mode and pass out brochures to by-standers. Who can refuse a leaflet from such cute little colonial girls?

Last thing is that you will see I attempted to don different hats depending on the period discussed. So below, I have a tricorne while attempting to explain the developments in faith after the American Revolution. Turns out it was too much baggage to lug around three different hats and the effect was lost to my audience. So, we’ll just stick with the Pilgrim round, steeple crown for now, and leave the tricornes to the Patriots.


In Kings Chapel Burial Ground in Front of the Tombstone for John Cotton, First Minister of First Church, Boston