St. Botolph of Boston icon written by Zoya Shcheglov Photo by Peter VanDemark

June 13/30, Feast of St. Botolph (Old Style)
Abbot and Confessor, of Ikanhoe, England (+680)
Patron saint of all Travelers,
Boston, England (founded 654)
Boston, Massachusetts (founded 1630)
and Patron of Botolph’s Town Tours (founded 2013), Later Renamed Boston Pilgrim Tours

Greetings everyone on this 4th anniversary of our tour company. We have had a great fours years together seeing downtown Boston through the eyes of faith. It is with heavy heart that I announce the temporary suspension of our little fledgling company as its only guide and director (me) is moving with my family to upstate New York, land of the Second Great Awakening and the Burned Over District.

But we have not moved just yet. I am conducting a few farewell tours and have at least one coming up. They have been the largest numbers ever (see below), so we give thanks to God for this great opportunity. If anyone is interested in taking over the tours after I leave, please email me friarfree [at] gmail.com. I hope to keep the website active at least for now to act as a catalyst for future pilgrims to be inspired with the idea of pilgrimage. God bless you all and thanks for your patronage.